Growing Up

I grew up in North Attleborough, went to elementary school at Roosevelt Avenue, was in the first seventh grade class in what was then the new Middle School, and graduated from North Attleborough High School in 2004.  I had a lot of family in town, with my father teaching, coaching, and later serving as Athletic Director, and my sister eventually becoming a teacher.  Outside of school, I had a pretty typical upbringing, going to the Park and Rec summer camp in the summer first as a camper and later as a counselor, and playing football and basketball.

College and Law School

I graduated from University of Massachusetts, Amherst in the winter of 2009.  In college I spent the winter of 2007 interning at the Massachusetts State House with then State Senator Michael Morrissey and the fall of 2008 in Washington D.C. interning with U.S. Congressman Jim McGovern.  I then went on to law school in Boston at New England Law, graduating in 2012.  I spent five years in the city, mostly living in South Boston, spending the first few years there in law school and then working my first legal job for a firm in Medford.  I took a temporary hiatus from South Boston in the summer of 2010 to study in Galway, Ireland.

Moving Back

In the summer of 2014 I was considering different paths in my legal career.  I had no particular plans to move back home.  I then struck up a relationship with a local attorney, Jim Lewis from Attleboro, who started serving as a mentor to me and helping me work through my struggling career opportunities.  The conversation soon turned to us forming a partnership, which ultimately began in January of 2015 as "Lewis & Sullivan, PC".  From there, I moved home from South Boston, never having to get in a fist fight over a shoveled out parking spot again.

I had spent time in Amherst, Boston, Washington D.C., and Galway, Ireland, and loved all these places very much.  A small part of me recognized that I was still pretty young and having no wife, kids, or even girlfriend at that time, I was giving up some opportunities to try out new places in the world.  As soon as I moved home, I was very glad to be back, having much appreciation and new perspective on why I enjoyed living here.  After starting practicing law here, I soon got on the North Attleborough Planning Board.  Though my partner cautioned me not to, soon enough I somewhat accidentally found myself on any local board I knew of.  It's now been just over 3 years growing my business and spending a lot of time supporting local non-profit organizations and the Town.